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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 10

Prizes Worth: 15,000

This event aims to celebrate the habit of ideation, to celebrate the value of imagination and creativity. This event is an apt description of our theme 'Alquimia'. So be ready to bring out the Zuckerbergs and Bansals in you.

Divided into two parts: StartupExpo and Pitch It Win It, Eureka! will cater to both, the already established startups as well as the budding entrepreneurs trying to germinate the seed of their idea.

Come and witness the new hub of innovation and ingenuity.


For more info, you can mail us on:



The StartupExpo will provide you with the best opportunity to showcase your product to the society, thus giving your product the apt publicity and marketing it deserves.It will help you gain brand recognition among corporates, scientists, and the student community.



Event Details

PLACE: Auditorium Foyer

DURATION: 3 Days, 10 am- 6 pm

DAY 1:

10 am- 12 pm: Stalls are pre-installed. Start-ups are allowed to settle, arrange their products and prototypes, get whatever they need from the organizers, and have a quick glance at the fest

12 pm – 2 pm: Lunch Hour

2 pm – 5 pm: Startups can interact with students, sell their products, showcase their prototypes, get their apps installed, and hence do their marketing and publicity

5 pm – 6 pm: Window for question-answer sessions for enthusiastic students.

DAY 2:

10 am- 12 pm: Start-ups will give a presentation on their journey, from an idea to a prototype.

12 pm-2 pm: Lunch Hour

2 pm- 5 pm: Start-ups & investor interaction, Start-ups and Guests interaction, Start-ups and Faculty interaction, Presentation of prototypes

5 pm – 6 pm: Memento distribution for start-ups that have to go.

DAY 3:

10 am- 12 pm: Start-up's interaction with Pitch It Win It winners.  Also, this will be the final slot for interaction.

12 pm- 2 pm: Lunch Hour

2 pm – 5 pm: Prize Distribution, Mementos Distribution, Conclusion of Expo


Judging Criteria

Throughout the 3 Days we will be judging the start-ups in the way they interact, they present, etc.
And we will be giving them a special reward from our side.


So what do you take away from start Up Expo?


  •  Marketing, Publicity
  •  Interaction with Hyderabad angels (investors)
  •  Interaction with Makeathon participants: Can give them problem statements
  •  Technical/ Marketing/ other help from college students
  •  Interaction with our faculties
  •  Suggestions with respect to your startup
  •  Interaction with other start-ups
  •  Increase in networks and contacts
  •  Interaction with TCS VP, Apple product manager, other guests of honor
  • Support from IB hubs as they are our ecosystem partners.
  •  What more? Enjoy Technozion 17


So even if your prototype is not ready, come to the expo, showcase your presentation and
try to get the maximum benefits from the above

Busy? No problem, you can even participate in the expo for a single day. We will surely take
care of the entry fee.



1. How will we be benefited?                                                                                                                                                       

Ans: Deliverables from technozion to startups
1)Technical benefits
a)Department wise professors will meet startups and mentor them
b)Makeathon -Startups can meet Makeathon participants and interact with them regarding
some technical challenges they are facing
c)A slot will be given for startups where students interested in interning with them can meet
2)Business wise benefits
a)Interaction with Apple products manager, TCS vice president, Hyderabad angel investor
b)Every possible support from IB hubs even after the fest
3)Marketing wise benefits
a)Mentoring from an acclaimed head of MBA department of our college.
b)We are planning on inviting the Head of Vagdevi college who is known to encourage start
ups like yours
4)Publicity Wise benefits
a)Your startup gets publicity as a large number of students attend the fest.

2. What will be the deliverables from my side?

Ans: You will be just required to pay the basic registration fee.All the arrangements including hospitality will be done by us.

3. How can we register for it?

Ans: You can contact us, directly through email -




Ever thought why Zuckerberg is now one of the richest persons in the world? How Dhirubhai Ambani moved from a gas station to an AC cabin? How Binny, Sachin Bansal, Suchi Mukherjee and many more such acknowledged businessmen turn out to be the most powerful personalities of all time? Apart from their staunch hard work and firm determination for success, an innovative startup is what they required to shine like a star.
Do you have any revolutionary start up the idea on which you have worked upon? So here is your chance to present your ideas/prototype in front of other established startups as well as our esteemed dignitaries including corporates, scientists, and officials.

So let your ideas resonate and bring a change in the world.

Event Details

Preliminary round: Participants will be required to fill the document provided. (Link present on our website). This will be done for basic screening.Deadline for preliminary round is 16th October 2017

Documentation round: Selected candidates will be required to submit a proper documentation of their ideas in the format provided which will be judged by experts in the field.

Final round: Top 5 teams will be called to NIT-Warangal to present their ideas in front of other established startups as well as esteemed dignitaries.


  1. Participants can register as a individual or as a team.
  2. Registered candidates will be required to fill this document for the preliminary round.            
  3. Best teams will be shortlisted from the documentation round and they will qualify for the next round.
  4. In the second round, the teams will have to submit their ideas in the provided template. They have to submit the doc within 48 hrs.
  5. Top 5 teams will be called to Technozion and will be provided an opportunity to present their ideas in front of our esteemed dignitaries.
  6. The judging criteria will be based on originality, creativity, current feasibility and the overall demonstration.


1. Where can we find the document required for the preliminary round? 

Ans: The document link is present on our website and facebook page.

2. Why should I participate in Eureka?

Ans: Well here are some of the reasons :

  1. Learn from the Best: It’s all about learning from the best. Attending a conference with talented, experienced speakers can give you a chance to learn from those who have already made a lot of mistakes. 
  2. Make connections: All you have to do is connect with the right person and you could have a business partner for life
  3. Get some inspiration: The fact is your creativity has to be fed with new sources. Many entrepreneurs have come back with new ideas after their encounter with an inspiring personality or an event.                   
  4.  Launch a Start-up: Make your dreams a reality. It’s just the energy in the Start-up environment that makes you super productive.   
  5.  As we live, so we learn: Start-ups are perfect opportunities to work on a new platform, learn a new programming language, or give a marketing try. 
  6. Get a crowdfunding source

3. Will my idea be shared or used elsewhere?

Ans: Confidentiality is guaranteed.

4. I just have an idea; have never practically thought about it. Can I participate?

Ans: In that case, the best platform for you will be a Makeathon(previously known as Hackathon).

5. What is the deadline for preliminary round ?

Ans: 26th of October

Any other query ?

You can mail us at