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Minimum Members: 1   Maximum Members: 5

Prizes Worth: 30000

“Tired of seeing other people coming up with cool projects, but never had the guts to do put your theoretical knowledge to a test? “

Enough of cramming before the tests! We officially call out to not just the coders, but all the makers who are passionate about building stuff, to participate in one of the biggest making frenzies. The event would see hundreds of students, working on a given problem statement or of their own, racking their brains out to build a working prototype, experimenting, failing and finally succeeding, all in a closed space filled with fellow crazy makers over a 2 day period.

So let your imagination run wild and come join us to strive to discover moments of 'Eureka!” and loud “Yessss”, when things do go your way, and be proud of what you have built by the end!

  1. What is a makeathon?

            A makeathon is typically a 24-hour software and hardware event that aims to pull the most passionate students, faculty, entrepreneurs and industry experts for a weekend full of creativity and innovation. Please check our website to know more about past Makeathons (previously known as Hackathons).

  1. How does it work?

    1. The participating organization provides a problem statement, consisting of a detailed description of the challenge that they are facing and a high-level solution to tackle the problem.

    2. The participating organization appoints one or two mentors (industry experts or people working closely with the organization) who shall work with the students to clear their doubts, refine their approach and provide access to necessary data/information.

    3. All the problem statements are released online. Students form teams of upto 5, select a problem statement of their choice and register for the event. This year, participating teams are also allowed to choose and work on a problem statement of their own.

    4. The team will be given 2 days, 24 hours on each, to execute their plan and develop a working proof of concept.

    5. All entries are evaluated by a panel of faculty and industry experts and winners are awarded.

    6. If the participating organization sees potential in an idea, they work with the student teams to take it forward and implement their solution.


  1. What is a problem statement?

    A problem statement is a detailed description of a particular challenge/problem which the participating organization is currently facing. The participating teams work closely with the assigned mentor on the problem statement to provide a possible solution. Each problem statement must be submitted in the pre-defined format.

  2. What is a participating organization?

    A participating organization is an organization which brings problem statements to the makeathon in expectation of it being solved to a certain level.


  1. How will Innovation Garage help if student team reaches a potential solution and the participating organization wants to take it forward?

    The Innovation Garage provides support to student teams in terms of :

  1. Technical mentorship through fellow students and alumni

  2. Well-equipped coworking space

  3. Act as a bridge between the student team and organization by ensuring timely and effective communication.

      7. Cut to the chase, Is this really worth it?

          Believe us, it is. You won’t be disappointed. It’s a wonderful opportunity to interact with some of the best engineering minds of the country and potentially hire young talent for your organization.

The Makeathon series had a humble beginning and first ever hackathon only saw 20 participants. Just 8 semesters later, the 7th edition was attended by 300+ participants with 70+ teams, and the success was covered by 20+ media houses, including national level media giants such as Deccan Chronicles, Hindustan Times, etc. 8 teams have been selected so far for national-level hackathon out of which 1 succeeded in grabbing second prize. So far, 100+ prototypes have made.

Despite starting the series as Hackathon, we felt the word ‘Hack’ did not encompass the broad domain of non-circuit branches and people who did not code felt left out. Hence, Makeathon came into existence to stress coding is not a pre-requisite for an event full of awesomeness.

Benefits for Participants


  1. Free T-shirt

  2. Snacks

  3. Certificate

  4. Opportunity to be hired by problem setting organization as interns, full-time employees, etc.

  5. Mentorship even after the event if they want to continue and develop their idea

  6. Resume-Worth Project