An ambassador is not simply an agent. He is also a spectacle.

-Walter Bagehot

Want to represent Technozion 2017 in your college?

So here is the chance to be a Campus Ambassador of Technozion 2017, South India's biggest Technical fest.

Please fill out the following Application form to become Campus Ambassador of your college and we will get back to you soon. Please fill out the form completely & provide correct information, otherwise your application form may get rejected. Note: Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Prizes for number of Registrations

Registration refers to registering on the site and paying the one time registration fees of Rs.450. Only paid registrations will be counted for giving away the below prizes


  • You will be recognised for your valuable contribution to TECHNOZION'17 with a ISO recognized certificate of organization from NIT Warangal, which can enhance your portfolio.

  • Special goodies will be awarded depending on your contribution to Technozion’17 and associated online contests. The better you perform, better the awards.

  • Exposure of working with thousands of students throughout the country as well as a chance to interact with eminent personalities.


20+ :
TShirt Free
35+ :
TShirt + Registration Free
60+ :
TShirt+ Registration + Hospitality Free
100+ :
All of the above + One Workshop Free


  • Sharing of all posters and links in your social networking groups and channels.

  • Encouraging other students of your college to participate in Technozion’17.


Be a Campus Ambassador


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